Childbirth Education

Education is an important step in an empowered birth experience.  Let's work together to make sure you have all the information and skills you need!


Comfort Measures for Birth: In this two-hour class, I will be sharing all my best doula tips, tricks, and tools for comfort and coping through labor including positions, massage, breath and more. This class is appropriate for those planning for an unmedicated birth, as well as those open to pharmacological pain relief. 

Spinning Babies® Parent Class : This three-hour class teaches parents simple, body-balancing activities which, when practiced regularly, can help bring more comfort in pregnancy, add ease in birth, and build confidence for both the pregnant parent and their support person (if desired).  Registration includes the Spinning Babies® Parent Class Companion e-Book, a Daily Activities Guide PDF and a Spinning Babies® Techniques PDF 

Yoga Birth:  In yoga, we often begin class with an invitation -- to release the weight of judgements or expectations. To practice with a spirit of openness, awareness and self compassion. On our mats, we practice anchoring in the breath, and we cultivate the principles of balance, strength and flexibility - in body and in spirit. In Yoga Birth, we take these very same principles as a way to prepare for pregnancy and birth, and ultimately for parenting and life. In this four-week series We will cover:


  • Basics of labor and birth

  • Breath, meditation and mindfulness

  • Yoga poses to support the physical demands of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond

  • Balancing intention and attachment in navigating birth preferences

  • Mindfulness-based coping techniques to prepare for labor, including breath, positions, massage, mantra and more.


  • Comfort Measures: $50

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class: $50, Introductory price, Fall 2021

  • Yoga Birth Series: $150

All class registrations will include one support person. Sliding scale and discounts offered for BIPOC families available.