Childbirth Education

Education is an important step in an empowered birth experience.  Let's work together to make sure you have all the information and skills you need!

Private Class: $75 
Small Group Class: $100 (up to four families)
Each class is two hours via Zoom.


Mindful Birth Basics: Creating and cultivating a mindfulness and meditation for pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

Meditations for a Mindful Birth: Learn specific meditation practices designed for pregnancy and birth. This class also includes a set of guided recorded meditations.

Birth Wishes, Tips + Tricks: All my best doula tips for creating a birth wish list (aka birth plan), tricks and tools for comfort and coping through labor including positions, massage, meditations and more.

*Any of the classes above are appropriate for those planning a birth with medication, without medication, or are undecided. *

Planning an Unmedicated Birth: If your hope is to have a birth without medication, you must have a plan. This is not something that you can just "get there and see how it goes." This class offers practical strategies and tools to help support your intentions of a physiological birth.

Fourth Trimester: Everyone is so excited to meet your new babe. But in the postpartum period, parents also need lots of TLC, and they're often overlooked. This class will help you prepare for postpartum in a way that honors this pivotal time in your life and helps ease this transition for you and your family.

For classes I do not personally offer (I highly recommend breast/chest feeding, newborn or basic labor and birth classes, I am  happy to suggest options).