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Birth is amazing! I believe in the power of birthing people, and in your innate wisdom to choose the path towards meeting your baby that is most empowering for you. I'm here to support and encourage your hopes and intentions. As a doula, I support every kind of birth - from unmedicated births to planned surgical births - and everything in between. My doula package includes the following:

FREE CONSULTATION: This one-hour meeting is a time for us to meet and get to know one another to see if we would be a good fit. This meeting is your opportunity to learn more about me and my practice style as a doula, and for me to learn more about the kind of birth support you are looking for.

ONGOING & INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT: I am available by phone call, email and text on an ongoing basis once you hire me. I'm happy to help find answers to your questions or connect you with a pregnancy-related resource. You will have access to my lending library of books, collection of educational handouts, and my network of birth professionals, cultivated over many years of working in the birth community.

PRENATAL MEETINGS: We will have one to two meetings throughout your pregnancy. Throughout these meetings, we will talk in detail about your hopes, fears and intentions around birth, find out what your specific needs are, practice comfort measures and helpful techniques including meditation, massage and birth positions. If you have a partner or support person involved, it's also a time for me to get to know them, and to help me understand how to best make sure they feel personally supported, as well as fully involved in the process. 

GUIDED MEDITATIONS: My work as a doula is strongly informed by my experience as a yoga and meditation teacher. I have seen countless ways that a mindfulness practice can be helpful through pregnancy, birth (*every kind of birth can benefit from mindfulness not just unmedicated ones!) and beyond. Doula clients have access to a library of guided meditations for pregnancy, guidelines for a pranayama/breath practice, and mindful exercises to prepare for birth.

CONTINUOUS LABOR SUPPORT: I will meet you at your home or birthing location and support you through your birth with breath and meditation practices, birthing positions, relaxation techniques, hands-on massage, as we have discussed and planned during our prenatal visits. 

IMMEDIATE POSTPARTUM SUPPORT: We will decide together the length of time it feels right for me to stay with you immediately postpartum. Typically, I stay with families for up to two hours, but this varies with every birth and family's needs. We work together to find the balance of making sure you have what you need as you settle in, but that honors your sacred space and time as a new family.


BIRTH PHOTOS: While support of the birthing family is my primary role, I am happy to take candid photos throughout the birth (with your phone or my own) for you to remember this special day. (Note: I am not a photographer. I cannot vouch for the quality of the images or promise to capture every big moment. Shots will in no way be professional photos, and would not take the place of professional birth photography).

POSTPARTUM MEETING I will meet with you within a week or so of bringing baby baby home to check in with how you are settling into life as a new family, and make sure you have access to the resources and support you need going forward.

AVAILABILITY: I take a limited number of clients each year and give strong priority to repeat clients, prenatal yoga and childbirth education students. Interested in setting up a time to chat? Reach out!

INVESTMENT: $700: A non-refundable deposit of $350 is needed to reserve your place on my calendar. The remainder will be due at 37 weeks. *If you have a verified state-funded (Medicaid) insurance plan, your insurance will cover your doula package, with zero out-of-pocket expense, through Everyday Miracles. For more information on this process, please contact me here.

CUSTOMIZED ADDITIONS FOR YOUR NEEDS: Personalized in-home childbirth education, private or group yoga instruction in your home, mindfulness and meditation coaching, and pregnancy and birth focused personal fitness training are available to doula clients at a special rate.

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