Birth is sacred! A Mother Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful way to honor your sacred rite of passage into motherhood. Different from a baby shower, a mother blessing is an event focused solely on celebrating the birthing mother. It is attended only by her closest circle of women, and meant to surround her with love and support in preparation for her upcoming birth.


It is my honor to help facilitate this event for you.

Mother Blessing Package Includes:

  • Planning the structure and schedule of the event, with input from the hostess or mama-to-be.

  • Sending out an online invite and communicating with event participants.

  • Purchase of supplies needed for the ceremony.

  • Personalized programs for the event.

  • Guiding the ceremony.

  • An all-levels yoga class, if desired.

Mother Blessing: $175

Mother Blessing Plus Yoga $200

In Gratitude
A Mother’s Blessing is a based on a traditional Navajo ceremony called a Blessingway. The Blessingway is considered to be a highly spiritual, sacred event and is meant to bless and protect mothers as they prepare for birth.

The Mother Blessing ceremony, while inspired by this tradition, is different in content and structure. However, out of respect to the Navajo people, and in gratitude for the tradition that births the spirit of this event, all packages include a donation to an organization that supports Native American mothers.

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