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More Kind Words

"Melissa is very open, comforting and easy to talk to​, as well as to listen to and observe. At first, since this was my first yoga class, I was a little worried about being behind during the sequence but Melissa was very easy to follow and understand. I do believe that the breathing techniques will come in handing during labor and birth and I practice them at home when I have a quiet moment. "


"I love everything about this class! I appreciate the balance of having the opportunity to modify poses with the encouragement to listen to your body and understand how strong you really are -- especially during a time when most of the general public is so concerned about how delicate pregnant women are. I also appreciate the breathing techniques and the comfort/relaxation techniques. Excited to use all of them."

​"I'm so glad for a community of people doing exactly what I'm doing, right now, and appreciate the time we're given to share and provide one another with helpful advice and tidbits."

​"Melissa is a fantastic teacher. She is soothing, motivational, and her upbeat attitude makes me want to concentrate on my yoga and my baby. "

"I love the sequence of the class and all the visualization we do. It's not just a work out but a time for me to connect with my baby. It's great to chat with other moms as it helps create a community of people who are going through the same thing as me - and it's wonderful to see moms of all shapes and sizes!"


"Everything was wonderful and exactly what I was looking for​ in a prenatal yoga class.​ I was looking forward to the physical yoga, but my favorite and most helpful portion of the series was the meditation, visualization and community aspects."

"I always appreciate the time at the beginning of the class for everyone to check in and discuss what was going on. It helped to get advice or just hear other people going through similar things. The yoga itself was a nice workout that got me moving in a way that felt safe and appropriate." 

"Melissa is a wonderful instructor. You can tell she truly cares about the people in her class. If someone mentioned a problem one week, you could be sure she would follow up on it the next week to see how things were going. She was also a great resource for all things baby and mama related. "


"I like the chance to get together with other expecting moms, to discuss the things that others may not understand at the time or want to hear. We are all there for the same reason; for health and comfort and I feel those needs are always met."


"There's something amazing about being in a room full of pregnant women. The energy, all the possibilities, and just the fact that everyone in the room understands what you're feeling is a gift."


​​"The best part of my pregnant week!"​


*all quotes are from feedback given by students at the end of each class or series.



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