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Kind Words


"I truly believe Melissa's classes were the reasons my body and mind were prepared and confident for the labor journey!"


"Melissa was an amazing support for not only myself, but my husband as well. It was nice knowing that someone was looking out for both of us and our soon to be baby boy. I was very thankful for Melissa’s calm demeanor and gentle guidance. She was always there when needed, yet was very mindful of the intimate moments of childbirth. Melissa emits a sense of mindfulness, knowledge, love and compassion that I will forever be grateful for!"


"I was privileged to work with Melissa as a doula. In my 35th week of pregnancy, my doctor discovered my baby was breech, and Melissa was so supportive and helpful during those stressful weeks of exhausting all options trying to get my son to "flip." She helped me find resources for acupuncture as well as a chiropractor, and also gave me information on breech delivery options, too. I delivered my son via planned cesarean, and Melissa played a vital role. She helped me navigate that experience only like a only a true doula could -- anticipating what might happen and helping advocate for me, the new mama! Needless to say, I still thank the universe for sending Melissa to me!"


Melissa was my yoga instructor for two pregnancies and was our doula at my daughter's birth. I truly can't speak highly enough of her commitment and dedication to helping women have the most positive birth experience possible. Her calm demeanor, genuine concern, and helpful knowledge and suggestions during yoga were invaluable during my pregnancies. Having her as a doula was icing on the cake. She provided incredible support before, during, and after delivery. I am so grateful for her guidance and care."


Taking Melissa’s class was probably the best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy. Coming from a hot vinyasa and Bikram yoga background, I was looking for a yoga practice that was focused on pregnancy and preparing for labor, without the heat. I found so much more! More than prenatal yoga, it’s a community. The first part of class is an opportunity to go around the room and share information, like your guess date, where you are delivering, what’s going on in your pregnancy that week... Easily and quickly you find yourself among friends sharing experiences, resources and support. Melissa, owner and teacher, creates space for the community to grow and thrive and be. I have no idea how she does what she does. She is like no one I've ever met--she was born to do this work with pre- and post- natal women.


"Melissa is a wonderful teacher, resource and connector - I cannot recommend her and her Prenatal Yoga classes enough. Melissa's classes provided a much-needed routine for stretch, balance and breathing throughout my pregnancy and simple, yet powerful meditation and breathing techniques that were a huge help with my labor and delivery! She brings an amazing warmth and sense of community to her classes and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met other wonderful (new) mamas through her classes and meet-ups as well. Thanks beyond words, Melissa!"


"Attending yoga with Melissa was the best thing I did when I was pregnant. Melissa is incredibly warm, welcoming, and is an amazing teacher and community builder. Every class I left feeling relaxed, connected to my body & baby, and strong!"


"I absolutely loved Melissa's prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. I looked forward to the physicality, relaxation, focus and connections every week. Melissa does an amazing job encouraging the mamas to share their experience and being flexible to cater each week's practice to how the group is feeling. I learned a lot from her and the other women in the group, and I sincerely miss my weekly prenatal yoga sessions now that my baby is born and on the move. I highly recommend Melissa and her classes!"


"I cannot say enough amazing things about Melissa as a person and as a professional! It has been such a gift to hear her vast wisdom, share resources, practice yoga and be a part of a loving and supportive community of mamas. The mind body connection is truly important and Melissa does a wonderful job of fostering that for mamas throughout the stages of motherhood. I feel so fortunate to have had this support in my pregnancy!"


"Going to Melissa's class every week was definitely a bright spot during my first pregnancy. It kept me active, helped me de-stress after a busy week, and was my time to be still and connect with my baby and my body. It felt so great to be part of a group of women going through the same life changing experience as me. Melissa's personality and yoga style is so fun, caring, and balanced. She does the perfect combination of workout and meditation in her yoga practice for mama's. I can't wait to attend her classes again when we decide to have baby number two!"


​​Prenatal yoga with Melissa helped me to reach my goal of practicing yoga until the end of pregnancy. I started the class at 33 weeks and was in class at 38 weeks, two days before I delivered. It was tailored in such a way that I could still participate throughout the whole class along with others who were only in their first trimester. The class taught me strategies to use during labor and gave me time to focus on myself and my baby in the final weeks of pregnancy. I would strongly recommend Yoga Mama's Prenatal class to anyone seeking a yoga practice through pregnancy at any stage of the game!"


​"It kind of felt like something was missing in my week -- and then I realized it was yoga! Class is just the right pace for me. I wish I would have had Yoga Mama around three years ago when I had my first baby. What a great way to spend time doing something just for me and this baby. A good workout, lots of relaxation, and helpful techniques to cope with pregnancy, labor, and delivery. All that plus a great community of like-minded local mamas"


​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I'm so happy I found Melissa's class! Not only is the class the perfect balance of workout and relaxation, but Melissa is incredibly sweet, thoughtful and attentive and always on the look out for great pregnancy and postpartum resources for her students. I only wish I could take her class more than once a week!"


"I can't imagine having gone through pregnancy without Melissa's yoga classes. I thought I'd take the classes to keep up my strength and fitness while pregnant, but I got so much more! I learned breathing techniques, how to work through contractions, kept up flexibility, and overall felt healthier while doing yoga. And equally great was meeting other pregnant women and connecting each week. A bonus is that most live in Northeast! Can't say enough great things about Melissa; she is kind, knowledgeable, and believes fully in what she does."


"Yoga Mama classes were a touchstone for me throughout my second pregnancy and well beyond the birth of my child. Melissa's knowledge, openness, and humor make her classes more than class, they are a chance to connect with yourself, your growing baby, and other mamas in the same boat! I'm very grateful for this community and Melissa's expertise."

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