There is a saying that, “peace on earth begins with birth.” This idea is the grounding ethos of my life’s work as I walk alongside birthing families on their journeys to and through parenthood.

Maternal Health Advocate: I believe that prioritizing maternal health, improving birth outcomes for underserved populations and people of color, and comprehensive support for families, all create healthier and more equitable communities - and in turn a more peaceful world. I am honored to work as the Doula and Education Coordinator, as well as a yoga teacher, doula and childbirth educator for Everyday Miracles, a non-profit organization that provides pregnancy and birth support, prenatal education and more at zero out-of-pocket cost to families on Medicaid.

In my years of working in the birth world, I have learned that my passion does not stop at supporting of families; I also love supporting those who care for them during this very vulnerable time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a doula program coordinator, I am often in the role of "doula-ing the doula" through the amazing, beautiful, demanding and difficult work we do.  I truly believe that supporting and elevating the work of care givers makes a direct and positive impact on the experiences of new and growing families. I'm so thrilled to be part of the team launching Mina, a platform that aims to connect care providers and families to make finding resources easier. As Provider Outreach Director, I love having conversations with birth and postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, educators and health and wellness providers and more, about the joys and challenges of their work, and what might make their jobs of caring for families more sustainable. 


Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Educator and Doula: My work with birthing families is strongly informed by my belief in the transformative power of mindfulness. Rooted in age-old tradition and confirmed by modern evidence, mindfulness is accessible to anyone. Not only can a mindfulness practice support a healthy pregnancy and birth, it can continue to be an essential tool through parenthood and life. Like many people in the western world, I first discovered mindfulness on my yoga mat. I came to my mat for the physical practice, but I found so much more than that. In yoga, we learn to cultivate a strong connection between body, mind and sustaining breath. We learn to balance strength and flexibility; effort and acceptance; intention and attachment. When we take these lessons off our mats and allow them to anchor us in our birthing rooms and lives as parents, the benefits are numerous.


Grace as a Guiding Principle: While one of the most amazing experiences in life, pregnancy and parenting are full of many physical and emotional changes and challenges; with a myriad of information to sort through. In world where pressures of perfection and the “right way” to do things abound – especially around birth and parenting, I believe that every pregnancy and every birth is unique. Just as there is no one perfect way to parent for every family, there is no one perfect way to birth for every person. It's my honor to meet you where you're at and to hold space for you there - however that looks for you. My hope is to encourage grace, balance, and self compassion in pregnancy, in birth and beyond.

Family and Motherhood: Motherhood has changed and challenged me profoundly, in a way that no other experience in my life has done. It has been, and continues to be, one of my truest joys and greatest teachers. The mother of three beautiful humans and married to my husband for over twenty years, our family makes our home in the Northeast Minneapolis area.

Education and Ongoing Learning: I consider myself a constant and eager student, especially when it comes to yoga, movement, birth and babies. In addition to experiential learning and ongoing self study, I have also been fortunate to learn from many wise teachers and take part in wonderful trainings.  While not a comprehensive list, here are a few that have been the most influential on my life and work.

Certified Group Fitness Instructor
National Exercise Trainers Association, 2005

Yoga Teacher Training
YogaFit, 2008


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Center of Minneapolis, 2011

Prenatal Yoga Training

Yoga Center of Minneapolis, 2011


Advanced Prenatal Yoga Training

Yoga Center of Minneapolis, 2012

DONA Doula Workshop

Enlightened Mama, 2012


Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning

Spinning Babies, 2012



Hypnobirthing for Birth Professionals 2015


Certified Birth Doula

Childbirth International, 2016


Spinning Babies

World Confluence, 2016


Birth Meditation Training

Calm Birth Meditation Teacher Training, 2017


Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist

Knocked Up Fitness, 2017


Supporting Families Who Have Experienced Loss

Family Development Center, 2018

Supporting Abuse and Trauma Survivors in Birth
Family Development Center, 2019


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