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Prenatal Yoga on Zoom

New to Class?

I'm excited to have you in class, and look forward to meeting you. In this time of physical distancing and Zoom classes there a few other details to consider as you prepare yourself, your tech, and your space for our virtual yoga sessions.

  • Test your technology ahead of time, if possible. We meet for class using Zoom. It's helpful if you have a fairly reliable internet connection. If you have trouble with freezing or spotty sound, turning off your video may help.

  • Props are your friend: Especially in pregnancy and as your body changes each week or month. These can be dedicated a yoga props, or regular household items.

    • Yoga mat

    • Yoga blocks (two)

    • Yoga blanket, or a throw blanket/beach towel.

    • A sturdy chair (keep nearby)

    • Yoga bolster, or a firm cushions (longer throw pillows work well).

    • Yoga strap, or a belt

    • Weighted eye pillow, eye mask or scarf to place over your eyes during savasana

  • Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Layers tends to be best for comfort and flexibility.

  • Stay hydrated! It's helpful to have a water bottle nearby during class.

  • Communicate: Make sure to let the instructor know if you have any new injuries or special circumstances on a given week. 

  • Listen to your body: This is so important in any kind of yoga practice, but especially in pregnancy. As we learn to listen to our bodies, we learn to connect to and trust them. This is essential as we prepare for birth! In addition, in a virtual class, I am not able to see and correct form in the same ways it's possible to do so in a live class. So it's even more important that you are in tune with how your body feels during and after class, and to move mindfully and safely. I use verbal cueing for the poses, and reminders often as I teach to support this as well.

  • Use your BRAIN: This acronym, used for birth choices, also works very well as you consider your physical activities during pregnancy (and always). B- what are the benefits? R - what are the risks? A-what are the alternatives, and might they serve you better? I-what is your intention? What does your intuition say? N-what happens next, or what happens if you do nothing? Use this as an additional a guide as you listen to your body.

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